We focus on ensuring businesses are enabled to comply with their obligations under the Corporations Act 2001 and the Workplace health & Safety (WHS) Act 2011

The overarching playbook that all businesses must adhere to is the complex and multi-faceted field of Corporate Governance (CG). CG and WHS compliance are the responsibility of all who run a business or have influence over the financial performance of a company. ESPECIALLY, if you engage contractors.

Take just a few moments to consider how your workplace interacts with your contractors… The cleaners, security guards, IT support, Electricians, A/C Maintenance – even the photo copy maintenance people… Who are the people you readily admit into your workplace without considering your exposure to personal and financial risk? What systems and processes should you have in place?

Out team has led and transformed icons of international industry through team development and vigilance of compliance and culture. Let our expertise ease your mind.

Committed Teams + Vigilant Compliance underpin a Great Culture